Ways To Get Rid Of Heartburn Fast

Heartburn, acid reflux, GERD – whatever you call it, millions of people suffer this gastrointestinal malady on a daily basis. Patients coming in to LiveWell to see me for upper back and neck problems are often pleasantly surprised when their acid reflux improves. To me, it makes sense, because the nerves in the mid-back innervate the stomach and upper GI tract. When spinal nerves become irritated or compressed, the part of the body they innervate may not function properly. Chiropractic care for reflux focuses on that mid-back area of the spine and helps relieve and relax those nerves by placing the spine in proper healthy alignment. This approach can often make the heartburn disappear permanently.
But what else causes heartburn? As in all areas of functional nutrition, in order to cure a specific problem (like acid reflux disease), the physician must strive to eliminate the root cause of the problem and promote the healing process. In my practice, I routinely encounter other common causes of this condition, such as:

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