Sultan Vs Game Of Thrones

{Sultan Vs Raees Box Office Prediction, Expected Earnings Report}- This year 2016 on the celebration of Eid, There going to be a conflict or we can say mother of all film industry accumulation war conflict between 2 major films – one is of Rock-star Dabang khan “Salman Khan” in Movie “Sultan” and greatest fan taking after on-screen character which is otherwise called King of Bollywood ” Shah Rukh Khan” coming in films “Raees” implies this year we are going to see the war between salman khan and shah rukh khan on film industry. Aficionados of shah rukh khan and salman khan has enormous battle in film industry gathering however in the event that salman’s film accomplished more business then shahrukh films then shahrukh’ fans begins thinking like salman got eid fastival to discharge his movie so his accumulation gone this much and all and the other way around. However, this time the same dates, the same celebration occasion, this time enthusiasts of salman or shahrukh won’t have the capacity to guard there Heroes Stardom on the off chance that they got fizzled. This year is going to be epic and going to be one of the recorded minute in bollywood industry in light of conflict in sultan and raees.

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