Drone Video Of A Luxury Estate In Tucson

Yes, I have been very remiss in not posting about Art Unraveled sooner…..it was a scant 7 weeks ago!! But better late than never, so they say!

We began our trek to Phoenix for Art Unraveled about a week before it started because we had our French friends, Pascale (an artist friend who organized a workshop for me in Reims, France many years ago) and her husband, Patrick Chevallier visiting and wanted to show them a few sights. We started off in Vegas

Beautiful gardens at Bellagio

and from there went to the Hoover Dam. Yes, boiling hot!

Mes amis, Patrick and Pascale!

From there we headed to Prescott, Arizona and stayed with my art buddy Kat Kirby and her husband, Bill for a few days. They are such great hosts and Kat’s studio is absolutely amazing. (I taught there last February!)


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